So it is that time of your life, when you’re getting cold feet because D-Day is finally here…It’s up to you to organize your daughter’s wedding and you definitely want it to be the greatest show on earth…

Relax. The good news is that you have professionals like us at your disposal to sail you smilingly out of these days…

We can come into the scene the moment the date is fixed. First, there will be interactive sessions with you and your family on plans and budgets. After a few sessions, we will bring you options under various heads like venue, theme decor including flowers, lighting, entertainment, photography and video-graphy. Then, we will get the best quotes from vendors to suit your budget, and help you negotiate the rates. If our clients have preferred vendors, we make sure they work better for them. Once the vendors are fixed, we will not only finalize the deal but also brief them about the requirements. For instance, we will brief the lighting men on just what will match the theme or color. During the function, we will supervise the work of the vendors to ensure that the plans are faithfully executed.


Celebration of Birthday has always remained a most desirable wish of every Child, Parents of newly-born babies, near and dear friends, close relatives, colleagues of any individual.

Birthday celebrations are the best way to show the love and affection towards the birthday personality. With the changing times and technology the way of celebrating the Birthdays, has changed a lot. Every Child whether infant or a grown up wants to celebrate his/her birthday with a wonderful bash. The latest trend in birthday celebration is to create a unique theme like Wild life theme, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, Batman Party & Batman Begins Party, Spiderman Birthday Party, Space Birthday Party, Baby’s 1st Birthday.

Especially for Kids!

Give your party a creative spark with fun, whimsical and unique invitations! We have a great selection of kid’s birthday party invitations, theme party invitations, children’s personalized stationery, gift enclosure cards, kid’s stickers, return address labels and so much more!

We offer you our complete range of services from planning the party, organizing, decoration, coordinating the event to the last detail, catering, entertaining and taking care of the guests. We as a planner are responsible for creating a welcoming ambience at the venue, so that everybody participating in the event has an extraordinarily enjoyable time.

Corporate Events

When it’s imperative that a party or fundraiser go smoothly, it’s time to hire event management services. By handing the details of your event over to an event management team, you ensure that the occasion be executed with the utmost professionalism. Behind every event that looks carefree and entertaining is a meticulous event management team.

Event management begins with the booking of talent and venue, but ultimately entails so much more. From arranging location, to securing contract details, event management specialists know how to take care of the details. We can help recommend talent according to the type of crowd you wish to draw, and help you figure out how best to stretch your budget.

When you’re booking the best talent, you want to make sure that the rest of the event management is also first-rate. We handle nothing but the best, and ensure that every detail about your event combines our high standards of class and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re putting together a county fair, or coordinating a corporate Christmas party, we are able to help you bring together a professional, enjoyable affair.
Most event management companies won’t handle all of these details, and they certainly won’t at our low prices. But We believes that your event should be the best that it can be, and we pride ourselves in the flawlessness of your affair. Make your next affair a smash hit, by letting Jain Caterers team coordinate your next important event.

Event marketing is a powerful and exciting medium in which to communicate with an audience. People remember what they experience, and events offer a live extension of an organization’s brand personality. We look at the key elements of successful event management.

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